Art vs Hardware

I believe that I make the art and how you incorporate it into your personal space is entirely up to you. 

So this being said I will be selling my art simply, with no hardware, hanging, matting or framing. You just buy the art, which keeps the cost of the art lower while giving you 100% control over how you choose to display it. 

If you have it narrowed down to a couple frame options and want my opinion, shoot me a text with the options and I'll tell you which is my favorite. If you'd like, if not that's great too. I would love to see a picture of what you end up with! I can see a whole gallery full of customer images of my art actually hanging in their homes. :)

So there you go, Ill be sure to mention this on each item I post in my online store. But officially that's where I'm at. I won't charge you for hardware, just the art. Which hopefully helps put more original art out there in the world. 

Buy the art then make it your own. :)