Video Portraits

I have been in the business of taking still portraits for a quarter century. Yes I phrased it that way for dramatic effect 25 years is a long time to busy oneself with any one thing or another. I'm proud of it. 

But sometimes you want the portrait to move. There are times when you just look at the portrait and no matter how phenomenal it may be, how reflective or deeply we may see into the soul of the subject. Sometimes you want the picture to talk.

So I will make it talk.

Below is an example of a video portrait I made this summer. It was really just a chance to finally get something on film after spending nearly two years calling myself a fledgling film maker. Now I've made a short little project and I loved it so much that I want to do more.

The idea is simple. I ask myself "If this persons portrait could talk, what would it say to me?" 

By working with the subject, discussing key locations that have played a large part in their life, discovering their passions, fears, accomplishments and favorite memories we put together a shooting plan that will take about a day and go about creating footage on location and in studio to complete a video that's no more than 10 minutes in length.

The end result should feel precisely the way you think it should if you looked at a portrait and asked yourself "Nice photo but I want to know more about that person, what's going on behind their eyes and expression?"

So if you have a story to share please let me know. What are you proud of? What has held a lifelong fascination for you? What is such a big part of your life that it defines your humanity? What makes you an individual, separate from anyone else? Let's dig into that and get it on film.

Comment below, drop me an email via the Contact page here, a DM on Facebook or Instagram works too. Just give me a holler and we'll begin the discussion of your video portrait!