Slow Crawl

I don't mind working a "real job" in order to support my art. It affords me the opportunity to create what I want to create instead of being a whore to the commercial art buying public. Since I never have and never will labor under the impression that my art is for anything more than my own edification, this isn't an issue.

An impending job change is leading to a lower paycheck, which means there won't be anything left over for canvas, paint, fabric, brushes, clay, wax, having prints made, etc. Having an ever growing inventory of completed art that no one wants to buy makes it difficult for me to feel that this matters at all. Please don't misinterpret this as a "woe is me" moment. It isn't. I'm perfectly aware that my art doesn't make people scream "OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THAT TAKE MY MONEY". For some reason my art says "Awww,  you should give me that."

Anyway like I said my creations are for my own edification. So it's nice just seeing people all over the world click "like" sometimes on something I've created.

So get ready for mostly photography posts because random road trips with my camera will be about all I can afford for awhile. Which is fine. There will be plenty of inspiration later when money falls from the sky one day. :) Ebb and Flow.