Social Media Meanderings

I despise social media. Its name is no longer accurate. It's not social and it's not The Media. But it sure does a grand job of impersonating both.

Personally I only use social media platforms just enough for my artistic identity to have a presence and perhaps reach a worldwide audience with my work instead of just the small handful of people in my real life.

As for that small handful of people there isn't a one of them who's every waking thought I need to be privy to, I certainly don't need to be bombarded with the same from every other person I've ever met and hundreds if not thousands of others who I will never know.

So I put my art out there. Sometimes I show things from my personal life just so you know I'm a real person. Otherwise it's business only and for those who want to keep up with me on a personal level, my contact info is readily available.

Whether my Art succeeds will be on its own merit or lack thereof. I learned years ago that an entrepreneur can't rely on the generosity of his social circle forever. Either people want your product or they don't. If the masses want it, they will find it. A "share" here and there from a friend is nice but that customer on the other side of the planet who bought my work after finding it themselves on the web? Priceless.

To those who never fail to follow, like, share and most importantly appreciate my art work (because that's the whole point, right?) I cannot possible say "THANK YOU" enough times. There are a lot of names that make me smile when I see they've clicked that little IG heart. Sometimes that's the brightest point in my day. So thank you for the brightness!